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Penn-Troy Products are Made in the USA!

Penn-Troy believes in American manufacturing and always has. Since 1959, we have been manufacturing our own products from our facility in the small town of Troy, PA. We strive to utilize American materials and manufacturing in our production. We contribute to the U.S. economy by proudly employing over 30 workers. We firmly stand by the Buy American Act (BAA) and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). 

Non-Rising Telescoping Valves

Non-rising t-valves are useful in applications with a low overhead clearance or the need for rapid actuation during siphoning or regulating fluid levels.

Screw-Type Model

1. Anti-Rotation Assembly
Unique to Penn-Troy, this feature is crucial to your t-valve. Anti-rotation reassures that your efforts aren’t wasted with a slip tube that’s just turning in place.

2. Rapid Travel
A custom quadruple lead ACME thread allows the valve 16 turns per foot of travel for quick operation.

3. Self-Locking Design
A safety advantage, the self-locking mechanism also ensures the valve holds its position over time.

4. Floor Stand Indication
Non-actuated models have the option of an easy-to-read, full indication in a compact footprint. Floor stands come completely assembled for easy installation.

5. All Stainless Steel Construction
All components are stainless steel for a corrosion-resistant, long-lasting design guaranteed against galling.

6. Preassembled Floor Stand
The floor stand comes completely assembled and set in closed position for easier installation. No installation is required for the internal components of the floor stand. 

Rising Telescoping Valves

Rising telescoping valves are used when gross indication of the valve’s position is desired during siphoning or regulating fluid levels. There are two models of rising telescoping valves to choose from depending on the needs of your application.

Rack and Pinion Model

1. Rack and Pinion Design
Longer travel can be achieved with an easier installation process than traditional screw types. By design, this model doesn’t need anti-rotation.

2. Safety-Lock Gearbox
A worm gear (self-locking mechanism) allows for safer, easier operation and infinite adjustment of the valve. The gear box helps the valve hold its position and not settle over time. Components are easy to replace for quick, economical maintenance. The gearbox forms a right angle from the stem, enabling the handwheel to extend closer to the operator.

3. Clear Rack Cover Tube
The cover tube protects the rack while still enabling it to be marked at key positions for reference by operators. Weep holes minimize condensation inside the tube.

4. Mylar Indication Strip
Get a highly visible, precise ¼” indication of the valve’s position with the Mylar strip.

5. Optional Lubrication System at Flange Level (Exclusive to Penn-Troy)
A slip tube lubrication system pumps grease to the slip tube to help keep the companion flange working when routinely exposed to atmosphere. It is also ideal for use in a dry application. ​

Telescoping Valves

"Unlike any other Telescoping Valve"

Telescoping valves are designed for use in tanks, lagoons, ponds, water containment structures and water & wastewater plants. Ideal for siphoning clean water from the surface of one tank or body into another, telescoping valves will not disturb the sediment that sinks to the bottom. Telescoping valves are also used to regulate fluid levels, either by draining one tank into another or filling an adjacent tank with a higher water level.

1. Buna-N MJ Gasket
Unique gasket design allows simple, fast repair and maintenance without removing slip tube. Seals better than Teflon or Neoprene.

2. Safety-Lock
All of our t-valves are self-locking for safety and require no separate locking mechanism. This feature eliminates the possibility of the valve falling if you let go of the hand wheel and the danger of trying to grab the wheel while it is spinning so fast.

3. Corrosion Resistant Material
Comes with standard 304 stainless steel components and wetted moving parts and standard companion flange with cast iron TNEMEC epoxy coating. Upgrades to 316 stainless steel are available.

4. Range of Slip Tube Sizes
Slip tubes are available in all standard pipe sizes up to 30” to best fit your application.

5. Optional Lubrication System (Exclusive to Penn-Troy)
A slip tube lubrication system pumps grease to the slip tube to help keep the companion flange working when routinely exposed to atmosphere. It is also ideal for use in a dry application.

6. Variety of Optional Features
V-notches, scum baffles and weir cones are available, enabling better process control.

Available in Rising and Non-Rising Models

Telescoping Valves