Slide Gate Valves

WaGate product range consists of gate valves, sluice gates and flap valves for flow control with corrosion free and non-polluting HDPE, EPDM and stainless steel. The valves can be customized with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators.Fabricated in stainless steel construction slide gate valves include an elastomer sealing for tight shut-off. Available in a wide range of dimensions and design pressures with either hand wheel, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators.

WaGate gate valves can be installed inline on stormwater and wastewater networks. The most common applications are to isolate run-off from roads in the case of accidents,
or close off incoming flow in pumping stations during maintenance.
Regulations and demands placed on industrial plants require that operators can quickly isolate and shut-off pipe networks in case of contamination. WaGate is the perfect
solution in such cases.
Is available in different models from size 4”-48”. Other sizes on request.

WaGate comes in several different solutions, to meet your needs. Common uses for the WaGate are:
As a safe emergency shutdown of flows on roads, to prevent environmentally hazardous substances from spreading to water sources, pastures and arable land.
By way of regulation, control and shutdown of flows in treatment plants and pumping stations.
To stop flows of extinguishing water.

WaGate sluice gates are installed in wells, chambers and fixed installations. 

The solution is available in different models in sizes 8"-55".