AWWA C500, C509, C515 Gate Valves

Rotating Disc Gate Valves Solid Wedge

by Kennedy Valve  (American R/D)

​Gate Valves

Resilient wedge valves and resilient wedge gate valves from Kennedy bring the latest technology and more than a century of engineering expertise to your water system. They’re designed to meet or exceed AWWA standards and have, for decades, been recognized as the original and definitive standard. Trust your water system to the durability and precision engineering of resilient wedge gate valves from Kennedy.

RESILIENT WEDGE GATE VALVE with CleanTrack™ Technology
In America today, systems are increasing their demand for larger-sized water lines. With these growing demands, Kennedy has made the commitment to meet, and surpass, previous large resilient seated gate valve requirements with a new concept — CleanTrack technology.

Sediment buildup in valves has been a costly proposition since the first water valves were created. In years past, systems with sediment-laden valves faced time consuming and costly valve removal or repair. Advanced large double disc  technologies of decades past used various methods to clear the line of debris prior to closing.

Kennedy’s 24”– 54” gate valves have taken the best of the century-old double disc design and integrated it with the best of the latest resilient seated gate valve design and technology, to create valves with CleanTrack technology. CleanTrack uses a unique roller-scraper system that automatically cleans the track in the valve body when the valve is closing. Less sediment buildup makes for improved performance which means reduced maintenance and lower potential replacement costs.

During the decade of the 1980’s, the waterworks industry was introduced to the Resilient Seated Gate Valve, a design principle that is dominant in preference for use in distribution systems. Kennedy Valve Company was at the forefront in this industry — wide movement by introducing the Ken Seal Series, AWWA C509 Resilient Seated Gate Valve.

​The superior Kennedy Valve design provides independent
wedging and seating action for smoother valve opening
and closing with less operating force. Discs are fully
interchangeable and reversible, ensuring simple and
inexpensive maintenance.

These advantages, along with uncompromising
quality control, ensure that Kennedy Valve rotating
disc gate valves will be ideal for water and wastewater
applications. Kenndy Valve’s unique design features
make these valves fully capable of taking on services
no other metal-seated gate valve can handle.
So for reliability, versatility, and long-life, specify
Kennedy Valve rotating disc gate valves.

​The Kennedy Valve line of Rotating Disc gate valves
has been utilized successfully since 1908 in water/
wastewater treatment plants and water lines all over
the United States. If you are looking for an extended
life valve, this valve should be your choice for
generations of service.

Kennedy Valve Rotating Disc gate valves clean
themselves with every operation. Deposits are removed
in travel, so nothing builds up on the seating surfaces
that could cause leakage. Discs are free of pockets that
could collect solids. The rotating action of the discs
creates a different seating position each time the valve
is closed. Uneven or excessive wear is prevented, so the
sealing components remain smooth and operational years
longer without maintenance or replacement. Since the
discs rotate, they cannot foul on the body guides.

Resilient Seat Gate Valves AWWA C515 14-54"

• Applications: clean water, raw water, wastewater
• Complies with AWWA C-500
• NSF-61 approved
• Size range 3” through 108”
• Rated pressures up to 300 psi through 96” size values
• Full body ductile iron ASTM A536
• 304 Stainless Steel Stems standard (other materials available)
• Iron Body Bronze Mounting (IBBM)
• Bypasses standard 16” and larger

• Tracks and Scrapers standard on 14” and larger
  (for side laying applications)
• Disc-face tracking available for horizontal-flat installations
• Rotating disc design
• Self-cleaning disc seats
• Non-rising (NRS) or Outside Screw and Yoke (OS&Y) configurations available
• Internal and external coating suitable for potable water and compliant with AWWA C550
• For vertical installations integrally cast flushing ports available

1900 — The Darling Pump Company in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, developed a revolutionary

              (parallel seat, Rotating Disc) gate valve for use in the oil field and in waterworks…Darling sales skyrocketed.
1917 — Company is renamed Darling Valve & Mfg.
1969 — Darling Valve was purchased by American Cast Iron Pipe Company and relocated to Birmingham, Alabama.
1997 — The American Darling parallel seat Rotating Disc gate valve is sold to American R/D LLC, Danbury,
             Connecticut. Thousands of Rotating Disc gate valves have been sold globally.
2006 — McWane acquires American R/D LLC and relocates the business to Anniston, Alabama.
2013 — American R/D relocates to Elmira, New York, and becomes the Plant and Industrial Group of Kennedy Valve.

Resilient Seat Gate Valves AWWA C509 2-12"

In 1975, Kennedy recognized the increased requirements and escalating maintenance cost of water systems in the United States.
Kennedy responded by introducing the first R/W (Resilient Wedge) Valve in America. This introduction revolutionized the valve market in the U.S.

Kennedy was the first to introduce, and still leads in the design and technical development, of the bubble-tight resilient seating valve.
The Kennedy Resilient Wedge Valve, with its unique features and benefits, were the first to be manufactured with both AWWA and UL/FM approval for all water system requirements.