TEAM Industrial InsertValve

TEAM’s patented InsertValve™ delivers value, reliability and performance second to none. This field proven valve installs under pressure, eliminating the need for line shut downs in the event of planned or emergency valve cut-ins.
Designed for a wide range of line sizes and types, the InsertValve’s wedge gate seats on the valve body, not the pipe bottom. This unique and advantageous feature prevents the seat from coming into contact with the cut pipe edges to significantly extend valve life.

TEAM InsertValve can be repaired under pressure.

TEAM’s InsertValve is available in 4-inch thru 12-inch sizes with handwheel and gear operators. InsertValve have been tested and proven to deliver reliable service at pressures ranging from vacuum to 250 psig and temperatures to 180°F. Unlike other valve insertion designs that are derived from Line stop technology, the InsertValve is designed to handle full water and wastewater system hydraulic forces that are typically applied. Rugged InsertValve can be orientated in virtually any position on a variety of pipe types including ductile iron, cast iron, steel, and PVC.

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