Advanced diagnostics from intelligent instrumentation and smart positioner.

Smart Pinch Valves

Maximized process availablity

New smart positioner and intelligent instrumentation.

Online Process Data

Optimized Production with Maximized Output

Smart sleeve for fail prediction.


Online condition monitoring and analyzing with Malibu ™ platform.

  • Flowrox SPVE is based on reliable PVE valve 

  • SPVE is equipped with a new smart positioner for detailed information on valve operatios

  • Includes Smart Sleeve and various embedded instruments for additional information

  • SPVE can be monitored online with any handheld device or computer

  • Is delivered with Flowrox Malibu TM user interface

  • Flowrox SPVE is the first pinch valve in the world delivering diverse analytics with Malibu

Improved Performance

Benefits & Features

Minimized Unplanned Shutdowns

World´s first Smart Pinch Valve!

Smart valves and pumps are next generation solutions delivering data and information in order to provide reliable and cost-efficient production. The real time information from site results in optimized production, maximized output and minimized unplanned shutdowns.

Pre-Fail Indications