Progressive Cavity Pumps

Fluent Operation

Over 180 degree stepless adjustment of the suction flange direction.

Long Service Intervals

Low power consumption, high pumping efficiency and flow rate.

2/3-lobe rotor technology allows two times less rpm needed at the same flow rate.


The Flowrox progressive cavity (PC) pumps' EL-Series is designed for wastewater treatment.

​The precise 2/3-lobe rotor technology allows a rigid  pumping unit, which enables high output with lower rpm cycles of the rotor. Ideal for reliable and efficient pumping especially in environmental industries. 

  • Easy installation, fluent operation and quick maintenance
  • High pumping efficiency
  • Low life cycle costs

High Pumping Capacity

Easy and Quick Installation

Long rotor and stator lifetime.

  • Over 30% higher pumping capacity compared to a conventional PC pump

  • Save energy up to 15% compared to a conventional model

  • Minimized maintenance time

Benefits & Features

Pumping Efficiency for Wastewater Treatment

Smooth flow with corrosive, viscous and shear-sensitive slurries.

Low Total Cost of Ownership