Cone Valve

Material: Cone Valve

  • Body, Plug, Head, Cover:  Ductile Iron
  • Bushing: Bronze
  • Thrust Ring: Steel
  • Roller: Steel
  • Guide Rods: Stainless Steel
  • Seat Rings:  Monel
  • Trunnion Bearings: Bronze 
  • Shaft: Stainless Steel 17-4PH
  • O-Ring: Buna-N

Product features and benefits: Cone Valve 

  • Rugged and corrosion resistant
  • Proven performance
  • Precise flow regulation
  • Full ported for low head loss
  • Monel seats for tight closure
  • Two-stage pressure reduction minimizes vibration and cavitation
  • Linear operating cycle for reducing surge and water hammer
  • Smaller than line size designs available
  • Available in sizes 6”-36”

American Cone Valve is a rugged, dependable control valve that can modulate flows under extreme velocities, pressures, and temperatures, specifically in pump-check service.

The American Cone Valve enjoys a worldwide reputation in a variety of applications. American Cone Valves are available in sizes 6”- 36”, with standard working pressures up to 250 psi and greater.

Cone valves are used primarily as pump check (shutoff) valves, but are also used in other applications requiring full port waterway openings and metal seats. Full port waterway openings provide lower head loss and reduced energy costs. The lift/turn mechanism provides positive seating with minimal wear of the metal seats. Cone valves serve as excellent throttling valves.

The valves can be operated manually, with hydraulic cylinders and controls, or with electric actuators. Actuators are mounted to an operating mechanism, which is designed to lift, turn, and squeeze the metal seats for tight shut off.

This unique design enables the valve to function effectively for many years in service. The simplicity and efficiency of a cone valve, plus its many operating advantages, make this valve outstanding for a wide range of applications.

Meets American Iron and Steel requirements.