Flowrox Smart Solutions are a new way to combine your flow control products and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). They increase your productivity through optimization and online predictability.

  • SLPP Series provides online information on pumping process, pumping performance and condition of the pump set.

  • Smart Pump set is equipped with intelligent instrumentation, motor diagnostics and control for continuous measurement and extensive feedback. Add-ons can be customized according to customer needs.

  • Flowrox Smart Pump combined with Malibu enables advanced reporting and data analytics making your process more reliable and transparent.

Maximized process availablity.

Flowrox Smart LPP-T Pump 

Minimized Unplanned Shutdowns

Optimized Production with Maximum Output

Advanced diagnostics from intelligent instrumentation and motor control.

Improved Performance

Smart Hose Pumps

Online information on pumping process, performance and condition of the pump set.

Online condition monitoring and analyzing with Malibu ™ platform.

Benefits & Features

Online Process Data