Capability to Pump 24/7

Dosing Pumps provide Accurate Dosing Measurements

Dosing Pump

Dosing Pumps allow for Long Service Intervals

Low Operating Costs

Enabled by positive displacement pumping which also minimizes back flow.

Dosing Pump require low energy consumption, extended hose lifetime and low maintenance need lead to substantial savings.

The trailblazing LPP-D dosing pumps are ideal for dosing and flow control duties. They provide accurate dosing even in the demanding process media. 

The Flowrox LPP-D provide accurate dosing in all process conditions as the pump discharge flow does not depend on the pipeline pressure. They are ideal for demanding process media.

  • Ensure accurate dosing
  • Trouble-free and consistent operation
  • Minimize the maintenance need

Dosing Pumps do not overheat at high continuous flow rates due to the advanced roller design that minimizes friction and heat.

Ideal for pumping diverse slurries and dosing a wide range of abrasive, corrosive, viscous or crystallizing media.

Optimized for Heavy Duty

Benefits & Features

Dosing Pumps offer wear resistant hose is the only part in contact with the abrasive medium.