Constant Monitoring

Optimizing Chemical Dosing

Free Space Calculation

Defining optimal flow rate for minimizing pipeline wear.

Minimizing Wear

Scaling Watch

Online and real time monitoring helps end user to resolve scaling issues before they emerge into process problems.

With accurate scaling build up information, anti-scaling chemicals can be dosed correctly saving money and environment.

Benefits & Features

Maximizing Process Uptime

​Flowrox Scaling Watch is an accurate solution for online pipe scaling or fouling measurement. The system monitors scaling thickness and growth online and indicates how much free space still exists in a process pipe.

  • Constant monitoring of the scaling
  • Free space calculated inside the pipe
  • Maximizing process up time

Scaling Watch™ Guards Your Pipelines 24/7

Cross section image formed based on actual scaling thickness and location.

Process pipe cleaning cycles can be optimized and unnecessary downtime can be avoided through online fouling build up information and cross section image.