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  • Full bore structure with 100 % tight shut-off
  • The inside sleeve is the only part in contact with the process medium
  • Self-cleaning provide seal tight shut-off even if solids have built up on the sleeve wall.
  • When compressed, any crystallized particles flake off the sleeve surface.
  • Inside sleeve tailored to suit specific process conditions
  • Reliable operation of the valve
  • Opening tags in the sleeve to ensure the opening
  • No jamming or clogging
  • Breaks any possible scaling when closed
  • Full bore design: free flow of the medium, least pumping energy required
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long service intervals

​​Pinch valves are ideal solutions where shut-off and control applications involve abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders or coarse substances. 
Pinch valves are provided with enclosed, open, sealed and general line valve bodies.  We provide tailor-maid flow control solutions precisely in accordance with the customer specification.

  • Size range: standard range from 2" - 36"
  • Temperatures: -50°C to +160°C
  • Operating pressures: vacuum to 100 bar 

Pinch Valves