All documentation and tacit knowledge available and in use in all situations, by all relevant personnel.

Efficient Maintenance

Malibu™ makes our products Smart

Increased Production Efficency

Holistic view over all production lines and factory activities.

A customized user interface tailor-made for your process

Flowrox Malibu™ platform is a customized user interface tailor-made for your process. It is a combined online process monitoring, maintenance and analysis tool.

The heart of the Flowrox Smart Solutions™ is the Flowrox Malibu™ platform: 

  • Operator friendly user interface 
  • Connecting your plant performance and your equipment 
  • Malibu enables you to solve challenges before they become problems 
  • 3D model of Your production facilities 

Malibu collects data from smart products in operation. This data is converted into easily accessible and visual format. Malibu functions also as a reporting and analytics tool with Flowrox products. Together Malibu and Smart Products create SMART SOLUTIONS™.

Benefits & Features

Predictive maintenance & remote controlling.

Easy Access to Documentation

Minimized Unplanned Shutdowns

Effective mobile production control with visual view in one single user interface and alarm limits.

Flowrox Malibu™