Extended Bonnet

Completely enclosed stem extension
Variety of types and sizes (including quarter turn and multi-turn)

Features & Benefits:
Extensions supplied ready for valve and actuator mounting; pneumatic, electric, hydraulic or gear actuators
Valves and actuators can be shipped to Troy Valve for extension mounting or the extensions can be field mounted.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel

Floor Box

Floor boxes are installed in a concrete floor or slab, and offer a non-obstructing point of operation for the valve. These should only be used with non-rising stem valves.


  • Cast iron

Custom Options:
Bronze bushing bored to specification
Field adjustable to 8”, 10”, or 12” floor thickness

Extension Stem

Extension stems bring the operation of the valve closer to the operator, making it faster and safer to open the valve.


  • Carbon or 304/316 stainless steel, solid bar stock or pipe

Custom Options:
Field adjustable–no welding required
U-joints for offset applications
Handwheels, operating nuts, couplings, and stem guides

Grease Fitting (Remote Lubrication System)

Troy Valve’s own grease fitting (remote lubrication system) makes maintenance of your t-valve quicker and easier by eliminating the need to climb into the tank or drain it each time the valve needs lubricated. Simply inject the grease using a grease gun, and it will be pumped directly down to the proper location on the slip tube. The grease fitting helps keep the companion flange working when routinely exposed to atmosphere. It is also ideal for use in a dry application.​

Stem Guide

Adjustable by length and lateral wall mounting, our rugged stem guides prevent stems from buckling or bending for long-term performance.


  • Cast 316 Stainless Steel
  • Cast Ductile Iron

Custom Options:
Bushing materials
Add bushing in the bore
Sizes and configurations

​Floor Stand

Choose from a variety of models, such as water tight, rising, non-rising with indication, offset or quarter turn. Learn more about our floor stands.


  • Cast Ductile Iron
  • 304/316 Stainless Steel

Custom Options:
Added bevel gear actuator
Hand wheels
Height (for stainless steel)
Turn indication number
Base guide plate available

​Bevel Gear

An option for manual operation, bevel gears provide a greater mechanical advantage and allow actuation at floor level out of the water with a sliding stem. The box forms a right angle from the stem, enabling hand wheels to extend closer to the operator for safe offset applications.​

​Hand Wheel

A simple design, hand wheels cost less and require less maintenance than bevel actuation.


  • Cast Iron (13” & 18”)
  • Cast Aluminum (16” & 18”)
  • Cast Stainless Steel (14”)

Custom Options:
Spinner for faster, easier operation

Valve Accessories