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The Valve Agency specializes in offering waterworks valves that exceed the markets expectations. With the evolution in manufacturing and technology TVA strives to offer American made AWWA butterfly valves, check valves, pump control valves, air valves, and many other products with features that surpass current available products.

  Valve /valv/ 


​  A mechanical device for controlling the flow of fluids through a pipe.

AWWA Waterworks Valves

Double Offset Butterfly Valves

The Double Offset Butterfly Valve design corrects the unavoidable design flaws of the AWWA C504/C516 single offset commodity butterfly valve. The Double Offset Butterfly Valve offers a modern design and is intended to solve all the issues found in typical commodity butterfly valves. 

Each of The Valve Agency's partner manufacturers offer products of the highest quality. These products have been proven to out perform their competitor time and time again. 

AWWA Waterworks Valves

Exquisite Craftsmanship