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We specialize in offering waterworks valves that exceed the current markets expectations. With the evolution in manufacturing and technology The Valve Agency strives to offer American made AWWA butterfly valves, check valves, pump control valves, air valves, and many other products with features that surpass current markets manufacturer's products. manufacturers - agents & representatives.


  Valve /valv/ 


​  A mechanical device for controlling the flow of fluids through a pipe.

AWWA Waterworks Valves

Next Generations Municipal Products

Choose from a variety of flow control valves to fit your application needs. Water and wastewater management is critical to our society. The Valve Agency offers the best products for each application. From AWWA butterfly valves to ball valves, The Valve Agency has the option you are looking for.

Each of our factories manufacture products that are of extremely high quality. These products have been proven to out perform their competitor.

AWWA Waterworks Valves

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