Knife gate valves are suited for several applications e.g. in Mining and Metal Industries, Mineral Processing or Water and Waste Water Treatment. Flowrox can also supply non-standard diameters and special pressures on request. Orbinox and Flowserve are the worlds largest knife gate valve manufacturers, each offering a unique offering of products.


  • Integrated load distribution ring; prevents over compression
  • Universal tower design; free interchangeability between actuators
  • One piece body with lockout pins; strong construction without the need for sealing​
  • Full bore
  • Seal tight shut-off
  • Replaceable elastomer ring sleeves
  • ​In the open position only the sleeves are in contact with the medium

Heavy Duty Knife Gate Valves

Unlike the bolted style of the Wey knife gate valve, the Flowrox knife gate valves body is one single piece and takes away the need for sealing between the body halves. The single piece body design does not have an opening or hollow body, so material cannot accumulate in the body cavity.


The secondary seal is built in the upper part of the body. It provides both wiping and lubricating actions to the gate as it strokes, via contact between the gate surface and the silicone grease in the seal area. Lubrication of the gate allows for easier actuation and movement. There is no need to remove the valve from the line when replacing the secondary seal.


The ring sleeve offers an integrated load distribution ring that prevents over compression and ensures 100% sealing between the ring sleeve and the valve gate.


-Flushing Ports
-Ease of Actuation
-Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating
-Stainless Steel Gate and Hardware


  • User friendly design throughout the product lifecycle
  • 100% isolation
  • Bi-directional flow tolerates backflow
  • Free flow of the process medium
  • Only three service parts: ring sleeves, upper seal and the valve gate

Knife Gate Valves

Heavy Duty Knife Gate Valves