The Double Door Check Valve is a very short lay length valve- perfect for refineries, petrochemical plants, and pump stations. This wafer check valve design relies on a variable number of springs to adjust to the desired opening pressure range. The spring loaded design combined with the resilient seat produces a very fast non-slam closure. Valves in this line are designed and constructed to meet and exceed AWWA C518.

Double Door Wafer Check Valve


Product and Features:

  • Size: 2″-48″
  • Temperature Range: to 400F
  • Pressure Rating: 275psi CWP
  • Body Material: Ductile iron, cast iron, stainless steel, bronze
  • Disc Material: Stainless steel, bronze, ductile iron
  • Seat: Viton, EPDM, NBR, PTFE
  • Connection: Wafer, flanged
  • Available Options: Special Materials, custom bolt patterns
  • *Many other options are available upon request.

​​Product Features and Benefits:

  • Rugged and corrosion resistant
  • Full flow area for low headloss
  • O-ring resilient seal for drop tight seating
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Plug guided at both ends
  • Standard Stainless Steel trim
  • Horizontal or vertical up installation
  • Class 125 and 250 flanged

Silent Check Valve

The Silent Check Valve provides low headloss and non-slam operation in water pumping systems. The valve is compact and lightweight with a unique dovetail O-ring rubber seat for drop tight seating. 

Wafer Double Door Check Valve


  • Body: Ductile Iron, ASTM A536 Gr 65-45-12
  • Plug, Seat: Stainless Steel, Type 316
  • Spring: Stainless Steel, Type 302
  • O-Ring: Buna-N (other materials available)