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Knife Gate Valves - AWWA 

The EW model knife gate is an uni-directional lug type valve designed according to AWWA C520- 14 for general industrial service applications. The design of the body and seat also assures non clogging shut off on suspended solids in industries such a water and wastewater.

BODY: Lug type monoblock ductile iron body with reinforced ribs in larger diameters for extra body strength. Internal cast gate wedges and guides allows for tighter shutoff. Port design follows the AWWA C520-14 standard The internal design of the valve avoids any build up of solids that would prevent the valve from closing.

GATE: Standard AISI 304 stainless steel gate. The gates are polished and lapped to attain a greater seal between the gate and both the packing and the seat. The bottom of the gate edge is also machined to a bevel, so that it cuts through the solids for a tighter seal in the closed position.

SEAT: (resilient) Unique design that mechanically locks the seal in the internal of the valve body with a stainless steel retainer ring. Standard EPDM also available in different materials such as Viton, PTFE, etc.

PACKING: Long-life packing with several layers of PTFE impregnated fibre plus and EPDM o-ring, with an easy access packing gland ensuring a tight seal. Long-life braided packing is available in a wide range of materials.

​STEM: The standard stainless steel stem offers a long corrosion resistant life. Non rising stem configuration as standard, for rising stem a stem protector is provided for additional protection against dust while the valve in the open position. 

EPOXY COATING: The epoxy coating on all ORBINOX cast iron and carbon steel valve bodies and components is electrostatically applied making the valves to be corrosion resistant with a high quality finished surface. The ORBINOX standard colour is RAL-5015 blue. 



ORBINOX was founded in Tolosa (northern Spain) during the late 60’s as a manufacturer of knife gate valves servicing the local pulp and paper industry.
Recognizing that success is built on understanding customers’ processes and by finding innovative solutions for difficult applications, we focused on increasing our engineering capabilities and developed many engineered valves for diverse industrial sectors. In the late 70’s the company introduced
the knife gate valve line in North America and other parts of the world. Today we have manufacturing plants in Spain, UK, Canada, India and China, complimented by sales distribution centers in the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, France, China, Canada, India, Indonesia and Brazil with agents worldwide.